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May 27, 2008


These are the 3D renderings for the design of the living + dining areas and master bedroom of a HDB apartment in Jurong we did up recently.

Proposed design for living area

The owners are a couple in their thirties who wanted to create a spacious, relaxing space that will " most importantly offer respite from a busy lifestyle, somewhat like a resort...". In response, we proposed a design where filtered, ambient light and textural diversity combine to create a peaceful, almost ethereal feel. This is achieved through the strategic use of mirror, frosted glass and stone. The kitchen was opened up (by knocking off a wall) to create a sense of space.

Proposed design for dining/ kitchen area

In the master bedroom, the original entrance to the adjoining bathroom was relocated, and an open (naughty) bath concept adopted. In keeping with the desire to create a sanctuary that doesn't look overly formal, a raised deck for the resting area was proposed. Balancing light and dark, hard and soft, and warm and cool elements here provides a continuity with the rest of the house interior.

Proposed design for master bedroom


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4 comments: on "HDB APARTMENT AT JURONG"

jon said...

Nice work, though a bit too minimalist for my taste.:)

Jam said...

Like the master bedroom and restroom areas..

nuno said...

Not bad. Share same views withjam

Anonymous said...

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