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May 26, 2008


We recently completed the interior of a boutique located at The Amara.
The interior layout was challenged by the spatial limitation - the overall floor area within is less than 380sqft. Hence, to provide a sense of space while accommodating all functional areas, the main display units are designed to 'float' above the floor.
A neutral color palette was utilized, so that the apparels - the main leads in the shop - stand out. Lighting also becomes a main feature in this small space, most notably conveyed through the frosted glass chandelier that hangs over the 'floating' center island display unit.
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4 comments: on "SHOW GIRL AT THE AMARA"

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

The store nicely and effectively showcases the clothes. Nothing revolutionary but the design should withstand fashion styles. The space works well for a small retailer and this is the most important thing.

berry said...

Very chic! I love the idea of that chandelier over the floating island.

nuno said...

Very minimalist.

shopaholics said...

I visited the boutique before. Just love the decor as the color blends well with the lighting. Hence, it's easy to browse and select the clothes. It's simply feeling warm and cosy when I step into the boutique.....