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Jun 18, 2008


I admit I'm guilty: I've not been sharing my clippings with you folks for some 2 weeks now. But the truth is I'm really saving them all for this post. Here, you'll see a few to-die-for home dining concepts and read about the recent works of some of Asia's most brilliant designers. I'm especially liking the works of up-and-coming Chinese designer Li Yizhong, and have linked you up to 3 of his completed projects.

Li Yizhong, China

Li Yizhong, China

Li Yizhong, China

Ministry Of Design, Singapore

Barrie Ho, Hongkong

Steve Leung, Hongkong

Lee Wei-min, Taiwan

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3 comments: on "CLIPPING"

Imagination said...

indeed, Li Yizhong and Tomoyuki Utsumi do look extraordinary!

jon said...

Tasteful selection of interiors. I like Li's work too.

berry said...

Lee Weimin's dining concept is beautiful!