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Jun 26, 2008


Take a nostalgic trip back to the 50s and revisit French designer Maria Pergay's sculptural furniture works. Her work is never mass-produced - each of the pieces is a limited edition, produced in quantities of 40 or fewer - but she developed a following among discerning collectors like the legendary fashion designer Pierre Cardin and the Royal family in Saudi Arabia. The Flying Carpet daybed and Ring chair remain as the most famous pieces created by her .
As of late, Today, Pergay is working on a new collection of furniture which focuses on the usage of new materials with a touch of the surreal. Highlights include a gravity-defying chair wrapped in delicate ribbons of reddish steel and a cabinet that looks like a shattered glass box. The Chevet stool is another ingenious creation of hers in recent times.


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2 comments: on "MARIA PERGAY"

Cynthia said...

Her work is fabulous.

nuno said...

Some amazing stuff going on here.