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Jun 1, 2008


With all these talks about recession, the new prize 'Best Project Below S$1 Million Construction Cost' launched at the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Awards this year can come at no better time.

The winning design is a terrace house designed by Chang Architects. The exterior and interior of the house is "a stunning display of urbanized nature, impressing the judges with the magical quality of its spaces". Here, eucalyptus - and apparently squirrels and toads which made their way into the compounds - are your friends. One sees greenery at every corner - living in this house is almost like living in a jungle.

The living room is adorned with only trees and ferns, and not the wall decorations and pictures as we all expect. And it must be such a joy to wake up in the master bedroom every morning, what with the lush green surroundings.

To encourage cross-ventilation, a light and wind channel created at the back of the living room opens out to the back of the house. So it gets chilly inside the house at times. And in the kitchen which adjoins the car porch, tower trees grow through holes opened on the ceiling. Hence, rain occasionally comes through these openings.

Not that the owners are complaining though, I think.


(Photos from The Straits Times, Life section on 24th May 08)

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3 comments: on "URBAN JUNGLE"

atticmag said...

Hi Stan

Thoroughly enjoying your blog. I can always count on seeing fresh, new design(even if it is a bit on the unusual side) when I visit here.

Interesting concept, but wind, rain, toads and squirrels sharing an abode seem a tad much, no?


berry said...

Jane, I thought so too.

KNQ Associates said...

Sounds like we have a loyal supporter in you, jane. Thanks for the kind words.