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Aug 17, 2008


Pulchra allows you to vote for the world's (or rather yours) most beautiful objects. Even if you're not voting, I urge you to explore the galore of wonderful designs on show.

I love this new online tool I found. Cymbolism is a website "that attempts to quantify the association between colors and words, making it simple for designers to choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect". Ha, how interesting that the word 'crass' is, to many people, symbolized by the color red.

Sunbala's Design section keeps me updated on the latest happenings - in Chinese - around the design world.

And now to shopping. ThisNext is a social shopping network where members discover products based on recommendations by others.

I've brought Superuse to your attention some time back, but I'm going to highlight this website again. An online community of designers and architects (or just about everybody else who are keen in inventive ways of recycling), Superuse allows one to post items at various scales within the reuse-topic, be it small commodities, furniture, interiors or buildings.

DeZona is an insightful online magazine about contemporary design, trends and concepts, prototypes and products, interior design and architecture, exhibitions, technology and lifestyle. A great resource for my work...

The term 'design hotel' is so overused these days - just about every boutique-sized hospitality establishment with fanciful interior design calls itself one. But nobody (or company) has an idea of what constitute 'design hotel' better than the people at Design Hotels, which now represents and markets a hand-selected collection of more than 150 hotels in over 40 countries around the globe. Lots of inspiring, beautiful designs ensure...


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