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Aug 29, 2008


A friend sent me a link today and - even if the context is different - I'm reminded about what constitute great design again. You can follow these same pointers in your next decor outing and hopefully make magic.

1. A great design has a point of view.
2. A great design isn’t done by committee.
3. A great design is clear and to a large degree, invisible.
4. A great design is more than 'usable'.
5. A great design pays attention to details.
6. A great design isn’t a template.
7. A great design takes time and isn’t cheap.
8. A great design is never ending.
9. A great design isn’t perfect.


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3 comments: on "WHAT MAKES A DESIGN GREAT?"

KMP Furniture said...

Very well said that great design is never ending & it isn’t perfect.Artist can find little point to edit for more perfection !!

Nadie said...

Good words.

Mosaic said...

this is really great.... thanks for sharing