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Sep 15, 2008


So here we go again. After the success we have with last year's inaugural poll to find out who are the 10 most influential design bloggers, we are about to find out again who have the authority to inspire and affect the world for the better.

In the digital age, the leap in the quality in design blogging can be phenomenal even over the short span of just one year - blogs come and go in a matter of months (or weeks). Yet the fact that blogs offer up-to-the-minute news or stories is slowly - but definitely - making it a pillar of fan consumption as other traditional mediums like newspapers or magazines. Given the kind of massive influence blogs can have, we at Home Rejuvenation would really love to give credit to the who's who of the design blogosphere on a regular basis.

This year, we've consolidated a long list of design blogs culled from votes received during last year's poll. To vote, we invite you to send in a maximum of 5 choices from the list at the bottom by 15th October 08 (click here to vote; you may need to disable your pop-up blocker for the voting form to show). Though not compulsory, we'd appreciate it if you would also briefly mention why you think the blogs which you've voted for are influential.

We've also teamed up with international design purveyor Wallpaper* this time round to reward 3 lucky voters (picked from random) each with a free 1-year subscription to the print magazine. The results of the poll and the winners will be announced on this blog in mid-October. Updates on the poll results will also be published on this blog in the coming weeks.

2Modern Design Talk
30 gms
Absolutely Beautiful Things
An Indian Summer
Another Shade Of Grey
Apartment Therapy
Beach Bungalow 8
Behind The Curtains
Better Living Through Design
Blue Ant Studio
Brilliant Asylum
Charles And Marie
Cool Hunting
Core 77
Cube Me
David Report
Design Boner
Design Boom
Design East
Design Milk
Design Observer
Design Spotter
Designers' Block UK
Designers Who Blog
Desire To Inspire
Fabulously Green
Happy Mundane
Home Rejuvenation
Ikea Hacker
It's (K)not Wood
Josh Spear
K-Fresh Designs
Karin's Style Blog
Lena Corwin
Made By Girl
Mod Mom
Modern Roost
Oh Joy!
Pan Dan
Patricia Gray
Poppy Talk
Print & Pattern
Product Dose
Sensory Impact
Style Court
The Cool Hunter
The Design Files
The Peak Of Chic
The Style Files
Yanko Design

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berry said...

That's a comprehensive list there! I've voted!!

Anonymous said...

That's a huge list - but there are blogs there that haven't been updated in months, or are rarely updated. I'd think you would have done a bit of homework to make sure that past nominees are still contenders.

Anonymous said...

Oh, UGGGHHHHH, not this again. You have missed so many really wonderful design blogs, and personally, I'm just so, so sick of these online popularity contests.

Why not just let people find the blogs that speak to them? All these contests do is anoit, yet again, the same ten design blogs that everyone is already reading.

It's boring and elitist and not really in the egalitarian spirit of blogging, in my opinion.

I, for one, will not be voting.

Veronica Peterson said...

You guys forgot the green design site of course! But I also loooove and Saving the plane one design blog at a time!
- Veronica

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of a few design blogs not listed here. How do I add them to this list? How do I nominate them for next year?

Porro said...

Eh what about one of your partners?

Also can I recommend

puglyfeet said...

I voted, but for the sake of transparency, I voted:

Print & Pattern
and ofcourse:

jon said...

I've voted! Thanks for holding this competition guys!

KMP Furniture said...

Thanks for the great help & I would like to recommend one more blog here for Modern Furniture !!

laissezfaire said...

SO exciting...Thanks for organising this again. I am not sure who to vote for as there are just too many good design blogs out there! =))

homes for sale said...

i love your laptop instead.. :)

emma said...

I voted!

But I think it's a little odd that you draw the names from last years voting at the same time as you mention the fact that blogs are such a fast moving media... Since last year, many new blog stars have risen that for obvious reasons aren't included in this list. And if you continue to use this method of selection in the coming years, your list will become more and more outdated. Just a thought.

KNQ Associates said...

We've received feedback that the blog list did not include some notable blogs which are deemed influential.

While we've tried to include as much quality design blogs in the list as possible, we also realize it's just not possible to include every single blog around. We've learnt from last year's experience that some sort of shortlisting would be necessary, given the large number of blogs out there. And you might have noticed much of the emphasis this year is on blogs which cover architecture, interior design + decor and/ or furniture trends to a certain extent.

To many, the inclusion of some of the blogs in the list is a no-brainer. But apart from these blogs, many of the rest have been voted for by the public last year, so it's reasonable to assume these blogs have their own share of fans too. To keep the list fresh, we've also been keeping our eyes open to up-and-coming or popular blogs over the past months. Alexa and Technorati are regular checkpoints for us too.

P.S: Many voters are still sending in entries that are not in the list - just as we anticipated. So no worries about the list not being updated by next year!

nuno said...

That's really quite a list of the who's who in design blogging as I know. I've voted!

nuno said...

That's really quite a list of the who's who in design blogging as I know. I've voted!

Anonymous said...

I realised there's a lot of wet-blankets here. Why so uptight over just an online poll? Elitist? Wat's a non-elitist contest then?

kris said...

AHHH - Hello!

what about my fav - All the Best (Rhonda Carman)! at

this really is a HUGE oversight - if you look you will see that MANY of the ones listed make reference to her. Really a major oversight!

clearly these sorts of polls are stupid if you are only allowed to select from a pre-approved, sanitized short-list. i refuse to vote on this and so should everyone else until we are told EXACTLY how they arrived at this list.

Really, this is just insipid.

kris said...

funny how you leave out so many good blogs - but manage to make sure your own is on the list.

i imagine you have not ever heard the term "conflict of interest"?

nothing like shameless self-promotion disguised a contest.

kris said...

last comments:

how is this a top design blog? a blog dedicated to all things FAKE WOOD!?!?!

this has got to be a JOKE!!!

Anonymous said...

How about some of the blogs devoted to smallscale design? Shedworking and Tiny House Blog come to mind.

Jo Yana | Blog Déco-Design said...

And my blog most influent in France

Liz said...

Thats excellent Kris. Love that fact you are one of VERY FEW who is outspoken about this. "Design" blogging - what is that ? Is there really any talent in cutting and pasting images from magazines with comments like "I like the grey on the walls" - so dull and boring. Shouldn't it all be about new up and coming designers, painters, etc from your local areas. Or are all the bloggers out there scared to promote that. I get all the magazines - I don't then need to see them on all these DESIGN blogs.
Im not voting on this either until there's some new, creative blogs added.

studio wellspring said...

if you're not going to research who's new & noteworthy & who's still actively blogging from a year ago, it seems the least you could do is not include yourself in the contest you're hosting. kind of a conflict of interest issue.....

Sara said...

I'm glad to see that you included some environmental blogs in your list but not nearly enough! Let's get with the program and find more green blogs!

dt said...

I'm glad you came up with this. With so many blogs around, I hardly have time to discern between which are the ones to follow.

Ursie B said...

We should just look at this as an opportunity to find new, interesting sites out there. I saw quite a few that I am not familiar with & look forward to checking them out. Also, when people leave comments here suggesting others, we can check those out as well.

Candy Colored Buddha

Anonymous said...

You have nice blogs on the list, but so many omissions. Have you considered allowing people to add "write ins" on their voting form?
Two that i am surprised on not on:
Style Files & Remodelista.

coco+kelley said...

i have to agree with everyone else on here that you've really missed some great blogs, AND included some that have not been updated in MONTHS! i vote that you allow people to nominate next year. the blog world is very big, and there are amazing sites popping up all the time! it's a shame that they're not up here.

Elvia said...

great list of blogs!

i vote yatzer!! {xox}

Anonymous said...

You forgot !

Anonymous said...

You have some good green blogs up there, but as someone else mentioned before, there are a lot of new ones since last year. Maybe next year you'll consider ?

We've been looking to her for help on green sourcing at our design firm for the last few months and her site's been pretty helpful so far. I can send in some more green blog recommendations, too.

I'm going to cast my vote now. Looking forward to seeing the results.


Jimmy said...

Wow, most of the comments are from people who seem to take their favorite blogs, and themselves waaaay too seriously.

rach said...

blogging has gotten out of control!

i mean look at all of these blogs. No blog is better than any other. They are part of this eco chamber-showing the same art, same kitsch, same DIY steps, same "new finds" over and over. Everyones studio space and bathrooms will all be featured on one of these by 2010 at the rate we're going.

punto said...

Hehe, I totally agree with jimmy. These people take themselves too seriously. It's just a poll, god damn it!

Jw said...

For people that are annoyed or "disgusted" by this list, how about seeing the GOOD side of these popularity contests, which I agree are pointless:

Look how many design blogs I just learned about from this list AND the comments of people wanting to add their favorites. How in the heck would I ever have found out about Tiny House Blog if not for someone in the comments mentioning it?

There's too little time in the world to be so pissed off about a list of websites. Find stuff you like and go with it!

Copeland said...

Er... call me crazy but I can't seem to find a link to where you can actually vote for *this* year's poll in the article?

: )
-Copeland aka

KNQ Associates said...

Look for the 3rd paragraph, 3rd line, "click 'here' to vote...". It's a pop-up box, so you may need to disable your blocker.

Alternatively, try this link:

jaygee said...

remodelista is without peer. i know no one in the same curatorial, expansive mode. practical and exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Catie said...

Well, I tend to agree with everyone. There a few amazing blogs that have been missed like Style Files, Simply Grove, All the Best, Coco+Kelley, Style Files, Emmas Design Blog, Ninainvorm. Some of these bloggers are actual designers who have actual work to show unlike the copy and paste designers. And alot of the blogs you have on the list barely update there blogs! Rethink this for next yer.

Ju' said...

My favorite one is Fubiz.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier post re: Remodelista. It is without peer. Layout is fantastic, design is original and includes all mediums, and groupings for later searches are thoughtful. It should be on the list.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We want Design for Mankind and Remodelista on the list.

Anonymous said...

One of the very few design blogs I regularly look at doesn't appear here: It's Nice That (

Stephanie Zhong said...

Design is such a broad field -- how do you compare Core77 to Apartment Therapy? Both cover great design, but totally different topics and audiences.

Consider next year having categories: architecture, interior design, fashion, graphic design, product design, green design, etc. Or something similar.

Thanks for the shout out this year!

Stephanie aka Fabulously Green

Anonymous said...

My top picks for 2008 are UnBeige and Core77, but I don't see the former on the list?

Marcel Kuster said...

Hello, the most influent design blog in Switzerland. A part of it is also in English

Cynthia said...

Everyone may enjoy my interior design blog.....I love all the others listed here, sharing inspiration is great.

doane said...

Write in votes for:
Kitsune Noir
Ping Mag

Anonymous said...

You need to research again, there is alot of good new blogs out there.My favorite used to be , But I am sick of them trying to sell everything they can from their owb hoodies to some dumb gold clutch to subscriptions and their own book etc etc. The best ones are dezeen, moco loco and maybe kitsune noir. I used to like notcot also.. but I see they STEAL posts from other sites and blogs.. they rarely have anything original.. they keep recycling.I see something on dezeen or arab aquarius.. or moco loco or trendhunter and later on that day or the next day its on NOTCOT.ORG!! its annoying, they need to go out there and get original posts and articles.Alot of these blogs recycle , but notcot over does it.Give credit to the new ones like arab aquarious with fresh new original posts and finds.

Anonymous said...

notcot is overated!!!!

Steve Tiano said...

I agree that you missed the boat in merely picking from last year's. You also definitely need to do categories, including book design. And you shoul include my blog on book design, Tiano Design.

Anonymous said... is by far the best, purely as they constantly deliver fresh and innovative content you don't find on other sites. As a designer I am in constant awe of what I see there and my votes to them for delivering quality posts daily, not just posting 20 items a day for the sake of hits like other sites - they might only post 1 or 2 items but you can tell they really care about what gets posted. I also love Dezeen but I find their copy bland - like they just cut and paste a press release

Anonymous said...

You say you verified your nominations by checking technorati - that can not be true by any stretch of the imagination - there are so many glaring ommissions - Habitually Chic, Mrs. Blandings (just two for starters) - check their Technorati stats against Casapinka for one - who NEVER blogs anymore at all. Why she would be included for 2008 is a complete mystery and is totally laughable. Where is Aesthete's Lament who probably has the most truly informative design blog out there right now.

The real lack of energy that went into compiling this list is appalling. Pure laziness. That you allowed your own blog to be included lessen's the lack of inherent fairness in the process. This is really quite a joke I have to say.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to vote, as my 5 favorite design blogs are not even on this list.

Anonymous said...

Here is my vote:

Desire to Inspire
Cote de Texas
The Inspired Room
Things that Inspire
Mrs. Blandings

These are my daily reads, and they influence me all of the time

dailydesignspot said...

i am by no means influential.. haha.. but why not some shameless self promotion?????


thanks for the free marketing...


ps- please go visit my site.. but please do not expect to be influenced by me!!

Ofer said...

Wow, it will take a lifetime to go over all these blogs...

ilginç tasarımlar said...

You have nice blogs on the list, but so many omissions.

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