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Sep 3, 2008


We at Home Rejuvenation are always on the lookout for unique objects and interiors that inspire all of you. Indeed, looking back at our posts - exactly 744 of them before this one - we noticed we've amassed quite a collection of the most unusual home objects one has ever seen. Objects that are so radical - and some just plain weird - in their concepts that they not only can make your home a better place to live in, but one to be amused in.

On this post, we recap some of the most unusual lighting we've covered up until now.

From September 03, 2006 - Tealight Teacup
Just why this is necessary is really beyond me. But then, it seems many others share the same view that teacups shouldn't be used solely for holding liquids.

From September 28, 2006 - Blob and Mini Blob inflatable lights from Inflate
There's no doubt our society has come a long way since the blow-up beach ball. These days, almost nothing cannot be inflatable.

From July 31, 2007 - Butterfly Light by Vinta
As the saying goes, less is more. Butterfly is not meant to make one go 'WOW' right away, but it stands out in its own (strange) way. Unusual in the way it looks right down to the way it operates (by flipping the 2 panels up to reveal light), we got to admit we've really never seen anything like this before.

From December 08, 2007 - Flat Life by Finn Magee
These pieces of still-life canvases are sure to make your guests do a double take. Flat Life takes on the role of a regular desk light without the bulk, as LEDs embedded in the poster illuminate the printed objects. Perhaps I should call it unusual art instead.

From March 19, 2008 - Zipper Light by David Ngo
This wall-mounted light is truly one-of-a-kind, as it comes with zippers which you raise or lower to control the amount of light emitted. I can understand the thought that went behind this, but to control the lighting using zippers? Strange indeed.

But that's just me...

From March 08, 2008 - Honeycomb lamp by Kouichi Okamoto
Okamoto's Honeycomb Lamp finds inspiration from bygone days by using traditional denguri paper, which is special to the Shikoku region, to produce a lantern-like shading effect. The finished product is an attractive fold-out paper outline that surrounds any light bulb and socket, with the stretched folds producing a beautiful honeycomb pattern.

From April 09, 2008 - Sip Of Light by Sung-kyu Nam
Who would have thought a straw could actually be a light source? If you hate bulky desk lamps, try this.

From June 20, 2008 - Celebrity Lamp from Deeply Madly Living
Celebrity Lamp comes with a lampshade which is made up of 40 pairs of mirrored aviator glasses. When this strangely attractive lamp is switched on, the shade becomes translucent and creates a stunning 360° visual effect. Another weirder piece of information: the cool on/off switch is the temple piece from one of the aviator frames.

From June 27, 2008 - Bulb Lantern by Kouichi Okamoto
Don't we all like whimsical stuff like this? Designer Kouichi Okamoto injected the Japanese traditional lanterns with an element of fun, creating a humorous over sized light bulb that measures 760mm tall. Frankly, this is one eye-catching light I would love to get my hands on!

From July 24, 2008 - Fall Of The Damned by Luc Merx
Like what I've said before, Dutch architect Luc Merx's Fall Of The Damned is over-the-top. Depressing as the piece may seem, its price at $47520 will shock you. If you take a close look, the lampshade dissolves into single bodies, which are coiled in fear and appear to be frozen. The rhythmic order becomes slightly puzzling and finally renders the bodies an ornamental shape. Legs and stomachs reflect the light and since the bodies throw shadows on themselves, only parts of them appear in the fore.

From August 16, 2008 - AWARE Laundry Lamp
Well, we've got to round off the list with something more personal. Does undergarment count?


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KMP Furniture said...

These lightings are just amazing , specially that Butterfly light !!

berry said...

What a nice collection of unusual lights! I'd love to have the overs-zed bulb too!

missymelissa said...

Wonderful collection of the strangest looking lights ever seen!

Anonymous said...

It's not exactly the same, but the butterfly light is quite similar to the lights I have in my darkroom - the only difference is that the darkroom, the flaps open down in order to let more light in.

...well, that and the color, obviously. ^^;

Great collection, though! <3

Anonymous said...

I use a 25 watt bulb under the demijohn to keep my wine musst warm while it's fermenting. That's a nice lighting effect, and the colour changes as the musst matures and with each new batch.

Anonymous said...

that zipper one is such a bright idea :D

NobleBear said...

The "Fall of the Damned" lamp is now more than $52000! Needless to say, you get a luxury car for that money. Or fresh water for ten African villages for a decade.

nuno said...

I'd rather supply fresh water for ten African villages for ten years then. That light is hideous!

Harmer Designs said...

LOVE the zip light!! love seeing designs out of the ordinary!

interior designs said...

Beautiful lighting.. i want one!! :)