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Sep 28, 2008


Sometimes, foolish design - or should I say planning - just happens.

You see, I was checking out the kitchen of a client's sparkling new apartment last Friday when I spotted something that's just plain silly: a pull-out drawer that can't be pulled out fully because the built-in oven was so badly positioned that the pull handle just blocks it. So how does the user get around the problem? Nothing actually, except opening up the oven front so that the handle is out of the way.



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3 comments: on "DESIGN? WHAT DESIGN?"

suzie said...

LOL some ppl just doesn't think.

Chic and Charming said...

mistakes like these seem to happen all too often!

Anonymous said...

I inherited a kitchen where the dishwasher can only open if all the drawers on the ajoining peninsula are closed. Needless to say, there are dents on both the dishwasher and the drawers.