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Sep 29, 2008


I received an email from a reader this morning.

In one part of the email, she complimented our blog (that's not a bad thing to happen on a Monday morning), and revealed her delight in seeing us post works by other designers on Home Rejuvenation so frequently. She thought it's pretty unusual that we, being designers in our own right, would actually help promote other designers' works on our own site. For free!

That really set me pondering. One of the things I rarely see is designers referring to their contemporaries' work or thinking openly. Surely it can't be due to the fact that designers don't read enough or widely? By way of elimination, I gather the only reason is the (understandable) fear of being accused of plagiarism.

If that's true, it makes me wonder even more. Don't professionals like lawyers or doctors appear well-informed - even wise - when they cite somebody else's cases or work? Then why is it that only designers think they would appear as copycats once they start referring to others' works or products?

For KUS and I, we don't really care. If a work or product is good enough to share, it's here. As the title of this post says it all: everything we post is for inspiration only.


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1 comments: on "FOR INSPIRATION ONLY"

Lizzy Van Lysebeth said...

I enjoy reading this. I wish more people would share their work and others would refer to it if they liked it. I strongly believe in cross-fertilization by sharing thoughts and knowledge. As individuals it will be the only way to stand up to larger corporations. The open source community in the IT world have proven quite effectively what kind of force can be created when individuals start to share and work together. I am about to launch an initiative in London who will do just that: encourage interior designers and related sectors to share their knowledge, ideas and designs. If you feel the same way about this take a look at