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Sep 26, 2008


This may sound silly coming from an interior designer, but have you ever wondered how furniture like sofas, beds or chairs come into existence? I mean, prehistoric men didn't need them. So what makes us different? We can do almost anything we like on the floor, which, given the extensive range of materials available, can be made as comfy as anything else. And if you want to talk about hygiene, I'm sure our homes are many times cleaner than caves.

Perhaps Philippe Starck sums it all up when he claimed that everything he's ever designed is totally unnecessary. Mind you, his 'everything' includes numerous sofa, bed and chair designs.

For some time now, I've harbored this 'twisted' thought of doing away with all sofas, beds and chairs should I someday be free to design a home with absolutely zero restraints. The only interior element I'd probably employ would be large throw pillows which will be used for seating and resting. Will the interior of a home turn out looking good without any furniture, the very components which embellish countless homes around the world? More importantly, will such a space still be livable?

The prospect sure sounds challenging...


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2 comments: on "FURNITURE - DO WE NEED THEM?"

Sue said...

I beg to differ:
pillows and such are certainly furniture - maybe not your average western furniture but furniture none the less.
Designing a room with no furniture in it leaves you with a floor and walls. It is a pleasant spacious thought, but from experience I can tell you - it is more comfortable as a philosophy than as a room :-)

Anonymous said...

Starck's overrated. In fact most furniture he designed are crap. But that doesn't mean we don't need our cosy sofas or beds anymore still.