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Sep 19, 2008


I admit it. I've force fed my friends, acquaintances and staff to buy into design rules and philosophies I made up. "Design is meant to fulfill a need". "As long as the client is satisfied with the outcome, it's a good design." The list runs long.

Don't quote me, but I think all designers do that to some extent. We seem to have that secret desire to assume the role of a teacher - or preacher. Only that the syllabus is entirely made up by ourselves.

No, I don't mean my 'rules' are wrong - in fact some of them still sound like music to my ears. But yeah, I do cringe sometimes when I think about what I said.

Thank goodness (and Josh Spear) I've found a little haven to store those rules before all the people around me start giving me a nonchalant look. Ridiculous Design Rules is exactly the kind of place where I should gather around with some like-minded folks who sprout their own design commandments.

That fella who goes "Simple is hard" looks destined to be added to my list of friends.


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