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Sep 30, 2008


Movie still from Rotten Tomatoes

I'm sure you've seen movie sets you'd die for. Seriously, who never?

In many motion pictures, the furniture and fashion used reflect the styles of the period the movie is set in and help create the mood. Movie set design is as important - if not more - in that same aspect.

A movie that truly left a deep impression in me till this day was the enjoyable romantic comedy Down with Love, which is set in the 60s. Till this day, it's still the only movie I can honestly say I love LOOKING at. Yeah, the true stars here are neither Renee Zellweger nor Ewan McGregor, but the homes of the characters they play. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the movie sets, which come together as one mini showcase of great mid-century modern design. It surely brings back nostalgia for a period much loved by many design lovers!


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4 comments: on "TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS MOVIE" said...

I feel the exact same way about "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Farrell - I was shocked at the taste level of the set design..

Anonymous said...

Space Odyssey 2001 comes to mind.

KMP Furniture said...

looking nice !!

KNQ Associates said...

I'll be checking out Stranger Than Fiction soon then!