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Oct 24, 2008


Forget the current economy crisis. Nothing gets in the way of style, even if it means a tinier home makeover budget.

The occupant's brief for this small apartment is to achieve an inviting and tranquil ambience. The original look within the 30-year old apartment is dated (and that's an understatement) and all the existing fittings are in extremely bad condition. The design proposal calls for a total overhaul of the formal areas, 3 bedrooms and the kitchen.

Living area - before

Living area - after

In keeping with the need to keep costs down, things have to be kept to the bare basics, yet meeting the functional needs of the occupants. The combination of old and new furniture also gave the home a fresh look.

In the living and dining areas, the original dirty terrazzo flooring was overlaid with white ash timber laminate boards. This contrasts sharply with the grey-silver tones on the walls. For visual interest, spots of colors were introduced via the deep red throw cushions and the lemon grasses at the customized planter box, which also doubles as the entertainment unit. Works at the dining area continued the black-grey scheme, with the large black hanging lamp taking centerstage.

In the kitchen, the original dingy wall tiles were refinished in sophisticated shades of silver and black. New slate-like tiles in black cover the unsightly mosaic ones on the floor. The cabinetry was also rebuilt.

Kitchen - before

Kitchen - after

In a matter of 4 weeks, the interior was radically transformed. Seriously, can you recognize it?


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14 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Edhan Han said...

Fabulous rejuvenation here! I love the living room so much especially the planter thingy. :) Hope to see more rejuvenation like these too.

Pozzynette said...

4 weeks ? !!!!

I'm impressed !
it's really nice

jon said...

I love it! The color scheme is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job, Stan! I dig it!

The multi-purpose divider wall cum planter cum TV niche is pure genius! And the choice of colours alone updated the look by 20 years at least!!

Keep it up, Stan!

berry said...

Marvellous! I luv the burst of reds and greens in the neutral gray setting. And that planter thingy is pure genius!


Love the kitchen. Fab job .

Hello from MASALA CHAI btw


missymelissa said...

Love your designs very much. Always simple but impactful.

hometips said...

Nice info ... TQ

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work. The colour scheme is very soothing.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work. The colour scheme is very soothing. And what a difference before and after!

Anonymous said...

wowwww nice, how much does this reno work cost? rough figure will do.

Anonymous said...

how did you refinish the kitchen tiles? I have that problem too!

Anonymous said...

how did you cover the kitchen tiles?

KNQ Associates said...

We overlayed the existing floor tiles with new ones and painted the wall tiles in water-resistant paint.