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Oct 26, 2008


It's official: we can now safely declare that the ladies rule the design blogging world, judging from the results of our '10 most influential design bloggers' poll this year. Many of you have great words for your choice of influential bloggers, but the fact that female bloggers are able to relate and connect to their readers on a more personal level really comes through via the comments we've received so far.

A total of 2,712 of you people voted over a one month period - amidst a hell lot of controversy, that is - allowing us to come up with this superb list of ten top design bloggers. Thanks so much!

10. Oh Joy! (148 votes)

At Joy Deangdeelert Cho's Oh Joy! blog, you find yourself inspired by her curated finds, be it crafts, paper goods, home decor or fashion. Many voters love this lady's sharp eye for design.

9. Desire To Inspire (152 votes)

A blog featuring numerous home interiors from all over the world, Desire To Inspire is still one of the must-visit sites to get ideas for your own abode.

Voters love the updated collection of wonderful images and concise writings by the two ladies Jo and Kim.

8. Moco Loco (160 votes)

Moco Loco is one of the most comprehensive blog today covering interior design, home-decor accessories, lighting etc. Voters appreciate the fresh reports on international furniture and design shows. The blog recently added the sister blogs Fresh Moco and Art Moco to its growing stable.

7. Inhabitat (212 votes)

Go green! Inhabitat is a wonderful resource drawing from international elements, churning out earth-friendly tips on a regular basis. Its reports are often "condensed yet informative", and the fact that "the site's design is just fabulous" sure doesn't hurt.

6. The Scoop (228 votes)

The Scoop forays into interior design, fashion or whatever bloggers Emily and Laura fancy at the moment. Lots of eye candy and inspiration abound, we assure you.

5. Swissmiss (236 votes)

Tina Roth Eisenberg's visual archive is truly one-of-a-kind, covering a wide spectrum of design aspects. Voters generally love her taste for design, ability to sieve out great stuff and overall 'coolness'. We agree.

4. Apartment Therapy (276 votes)

Apartment Therapy is for anybody who appreciates distinctive décor. The team's posts are witty and the blog's updated on a rigorous basis, making it one of the top home design blogs consistently. Readers especially love the DIY ideas on this site.

3. Decor8 (352 votes)

An influential writer and designer, Holly Becker demonstrates her support for independent designers by promoting their work regularly on Decor8. Clearly a favorite with the ladies, readers respect her for her love for crafts and passion for decorating.

Besides writing Decor8 and running her own design practice, Becker has also contributed to various magazines like Domino magazine and The Boston Globe.

2. Notcot (364 votes)

Jean Aw, designer, trendspotter and entrepreneur, leads the pack (well, almost) with an innovative, creative site that celebrates design, imagery and curation. Many voters love the website's unique design and can't get enough of the fresh design news.

1. Design*Sponge (548 votes)

Grace Bonney's Design*Sponge reigns at the top once again! Her extremely popular blog offers sneak peaks into inspiring homes, DIY projects, art, furniture, and so much more. Grace truly knows how to engage her readers and often introduce them to some of the most creative people in the country. Looking at the number of votes Design*Sponge garnered, you bet every word Bonney says (or types) reaches far and wide.

We've picked out 3 winners to receive a 12 month free subscription to Wallpaper* magazine. They are Laine Bateman and Daniel Mcdonald from USA, and M. Silviani from Singapore. Thanks again for the votes, people!

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missymelissa said...

Fabulous list. My favorite ones are all there!!;)

Jon said...

Very nice! A lot of good ones. I especially have enjoyed following SwissMiss for the last couple of years.

artie.kuhn said...

Logos for the blogs should be links to the blogs, not just links to the logo image file.

Other than that, great list! I second the SwissMiss love.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Out of all these, my personal favorites are Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire and Decor 8.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Anonymous said...

L and I are both humbled & honored to be amongst some of our very favorite design blogs!

thanks to everyone who voted for us!

laryta said...

10 out of 10 :D they are one of my favorites sites

Anonymous said...

where is Bloggokin? the most italian designer's blog?


best regards
Tony Amodio

Cédric said...

hi, and where is trendsnow, the trendy girl ... ?
take a look :
Bye !

berry said...

I kind of expected Design*Sponge to be at the top again.

Anonymous said...

Great list of the best design blogs. But I'm sad dezeen's not here.