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Oct 3, 2008


Looking at the following examples, I'm even more convinced the humble stairway can serve as an excellent outlet for creativity.

Link to Part 1 and 3

NoƩ Duchaufour-Lawrance wows us with his inventive blend of neo-classical and contemporary elements for the design of Sketch, a restaurant converted from a 1779 town house. But the star here is the main stair: it's like someone knocked over some delicious hot chocolate over it. Yummy!

Supported on an aluminium beam, these skateboard steps were custom-made concaved only at one end. Teens will enjoy its whimsical beauty.

This is further proof that we don't necessarily require overly-designed stuff to impress.

The design of this staircase attracts me with its beautiful craftmanship and intricate details. I've always liked objects that are rustic, and this masterpiece fits the bill just right.

Voila! Constructed using light wooden structures suspended from a metal frame laid over the roof, architect Winy Maas's intertwining spiral staircases float magically above the ground.

London-based designer Christopher Dezille of Honky created these chunky blocks to serve as stair steps in this house.

I have a feeling I might trip over this stair anytime, what with its outburst of bright colors and dazzling stripes!


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10 comments: on "RE-IMAGINING STAIRS: PART 2"

missymelissa said...

What a wonderful collection! I like the 2nd and the last ones most.

Natovr7 said...

I like no. 6 the least, I fall down stairs relatively a lot, and I don't like corners :)

I like number 4 a lot

Slozloski said...

I like the last one. I agree they are a law suit waiting to happen.

They are the "Million Dollar Stairs"(That's what your gonna shell out when someone breaks their neck)

Anonymous said...

trip over this stair indeed.

berry said...

I await every one of your blog posts cos they offer so many cool ideas everytime.

This is an awesome list! The chocolate stair is very trippy.

Down Comforter said...

nice nice nice

thebubbreport said...

Before my house was renovated and the attic was turned into an inhabitable second floor, it had those block steps. I think it was called a captains ladder or something like that. I thought Thomas Jefferson originally invented them, but I'm not sure. Wow, I am a fountain of not-so-sure information today! Anyway, they are really cool and are a real space saver. I'm kind of sorry that they are gone.


deirdre said...

the first one looks like paint pouring down the stairs...that's what got my attention

they are all very inspiring to rethink my own projects

Home Decoration said...

Those are some freaking awesome stairs.

Sushil Wadhwa said...

Design has been given preference over actual usage in these stairs.