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Oct 2, 2008


Designers use their brains a lot all the time. No, I'm not saying other people don't. It's just that all creatives are paid to think, and good ideas don't come anytime as they please. The fact that the Eureka moment doesn't happen as we want it always prove to be a little frustrating, especially when a dateline is on the horizon. So what happens? We can't stop ourselves from thinking day in day out!

But difficult as it may seem, I've learnt that putting all deep thoughts aside for a moment may be the roadmap to keep those creative juices flowing. LifeClever offers the following 'exercises' which may be good for a creative's overall mental being (ah that's an exaggeration).
  1. Go for a brisk walk
  2. Take a nap
  3. Lie in a nearby park or on a bench and watch the clouds go by
  4. Listen to music or even podcast novels
  5. Browse a local bookstore
  6. Stroll through a nearby art gallery
  7. Get a coffee in a cafe and read the paper or, even better, a gossip magazine
  8. Hit the gym
  9. Meditate or do yoga
  10. Hang out at the local dog run and get in touch with your animal nature
  11. Window shop
  12. Sit on the corner and sketch buildings
  13. Memorize poetry
  14. Get a massage
  15. Do math problems or crosswords


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Lisa Renee said...

These are some awesome tips! And perfect timing since I have a busy busy week coming up with lots and lots of design school projects. I will definitely keep them in mind!....actually...a bookmarked this post haha

juliana said...

Great tips.

KMP Furniture said...

Informative post !!

Anonymous said...

“In light of the uncertain residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and design projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than new construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to focus on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these challenging economic times,” said ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.

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Mosaic said...

thanks for the tip, very useful.