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Oct 22, 2008


Call this my tribute post to Thomas Edison and his light bulb. From distorted bulbs to duo-socket ones, it suddenly seems that designers and creators everywhere can have so much fun fiddling around with the greatest invention ever. Frankly, I doubt Edison himself expected these. And I'm not sure if he'll be really happy about this.

But one thing's for sure: I'm looking forward to what other reincarnations our little light bulb will undergo in the near future. What say you?

Bulb Lantern by Kouichi Okamoto

Light Blubs by Pieke Bergmans

Oyule by Sergio Silva

Exploded Light Bulb lamp by Hans Bleken Rud


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12 comments: on "A TRIBUTE TO THE LIGHT BULB"

jon said...

The dripping and distorted ones look kinda cute. lol

Lizzy Van Lysebeth said...

Lovely compilation.

berry said...

I thought the exploded one looks really cool! Light bulb within a bulb.

Juxtaposition Design said...

Amazing! My favorite has to be the "melting" one and the clear kerosene lamps

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha! I think I'm in love with the melting bulbs and the exploding bulb! Very tongue-in-cheek!

Aaron said...

I like the modern light with all the bulbs fused together. unique and cool

Anonymous said...

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. Your post should read. "Call this my tribute post to Nicola Tesla and his light bulb.

gwen said...

I love, love love the little oil lamps. Very funny!

SayBlade said...

Actually, Edison did not invent the light bulb. He bought the patent in 1875 from the light bulb inventors, Henry Woodward and Matthew Evans of Toronto. That said, Edison was a very good marketer of the product. I enjoyed the lovely, artistic interpretations of the light bulb here.
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Anonymous said...

clever shite

Homes and Interiors said...

Great collection.