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Nov 1, 2008


We like to take the table for granted. Something that's just meant to be a flat top for our daily activities. Something that always falls short in the 'importance' department. It's always placed a notch lower than chairs in terms of status, don't you feel?

But no. These tables (culled from our archives) aren't gonna take it lying. They were created to wow, and we had better open our eyes wide and see how they exactly do it...

From October 26, 2006: Illusion by John Brauer

John Brauer's table ranks as one of my favorite tables of all time. This amazing piece, aptly named Illusion because of its see-through design, should fit perfectly within the abode of any superhero (and modern man) you name.

I never imagined acrylic can be treated under such artful direction. Pure classic.

From March 29, 2007: Concerto Table by Nicholas Lovegrove & Demian Repucci

We all know the popularity of iPod. Lovegrove & Repucci have gone out of their way to please Apple fans with their Concerto Table. Some of you may not like the 'tackiness' that comes with it but you know what? The iPod fan in me is tremendously happy to live with it.

And the grand piano shape is a bonus for someone who can't play a proper scale to save his life but wants to have the instrument at home, ha!

From January 06, 2008: S Table by Jeongtae Kang

The S Table is about the only table in this world that allows you to shape it in any way you want it. This is made possible via the 50 individual blocks and a silicon lock-up unit.

From Feburary 15, 2008: Expandable Round Table by DB Fletcher

I've seen plenty of extendable rectangular or square tables, but a round one that do the job really doesn't come along as often. Offers another clever option for home owners.

From March 15, 2008: Kill Bill cocktail table by Unmask

I'd be lying if I say I like this table by Unmask. It looks very cold and totally impractical. But hey, it's meant more as an art sculpture in the first place! What am I thinking? Surely the imagination deserves some credit?

From June 23, 2008: Capellini Love by Stephen Burks

I realized I need to have something green on this post, and these paper tables designed by Stephen Burks come to mind. Made entirely from the shredded pages of magazines like Wallpaper and Domus, the construction of these tables involves a new paper maché technique, with the structures set in place by non-toxic adhesive and hardener on the surfaces.


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Anonymous said...

Illusion is real nice.

berry said...

Nice tables. I like the first most.