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Nov 18, 2008


Enough is never enough. Since our earlier post, we've received a couple of emails from you folks pointing us to more tributes. We just can't say no to the idea of a follow-up post, can we?

In German designer Ingo Maurer's words, “I have always been fascinated by the light bulb because it is the perfect meeting of industry and poetry. The bulb is my inspiration.” This fascination is apparent in the way he designs some of his lamps - the naked light bulb is prominent in his designs - which have gone on to become classics. The most notable examples from his collection are the Bulb table lamp (1966), Lucellino (1992) and Holonzki (2000).

Designer Sarah Olaerts pays homage to the light bulb with her polyethylene SO1 lamp. Measuring 4.5 feet, this very versatile lamp can be used indoors or outdoors, comes with a remote controller and can be dimmed.

This Pop-up Light is exactly the kind of toy we all like. Why? It's cheap and fun! What's more, it can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall, and runs on AA batteries.

In the ultimate tribute, Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim came up with a light bulb that is like no other - one that is flat.


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