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Nov 9, 2008


In a finely detailed home, the staircase isn't merely functional; it can be a beautiful piece of art. In this last part of our series on re-imagining stairs, we round up a couple more designs which managed to complement their surroundings and create a pleasurable visual experience for home owners and guests alike.

Link to Part 1 and 2

The stunning DNA staircase designed by Ross Lovegrove in 2003 and manufactured by Chistophe Moinat Design is a masterpiece made out of bladder-moulded glass fiber and carbon fiber.

I think this impressive looking stair made out of thick clear glass sheets is safe enough to step on, but it's still akin to treading on thin ice. Is that what we call dangerously beautiful?

In the XXS House, the metal staircase leading to the attic stands in the middle of the living space like a folding ladder, perhaps as a kind reminder of the house's previous function - a warehouse.

Architect Oyler Wu created this industrial looking aluminium staircase at the SCI-Arc gallery in Los Angeles. The art installation called Live Wire links the ground floor of the gallery to a catwalk above.

Hong Kong designer Danny Cheng's minimalist floating staircase doesn't look that extraordinary or special at first glance. But look closer and you'll find each stair tread wrapped handsomely in dark leather.

Call it obsessive indulgence in luxury.


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4 comments: on "RE-IMAGINING STAIRS: PART 3"

Anonymous said...

That fourth image down from the top is amazing, the look of floating stairs was always a favorite.

'designing your life'

paint colors said...

The DNA staircase is just amazing.. :) the concept is also very pleasing to the eyes as well as elegant.. thanks for sharing those pics..

Anonymous said...

Nice collection, dude.

electric blinds said...

Interesting stairs concept, I'm working in the interior design field and find this very trendy!