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Nov 29, 2008


Who would have thought mirrors could make the subject of a post? These unique mirrors reflect a decidedly contemporary sense of design and technology, making even that daily routine of looking into the mirror so much more joyous.

Oh how I love the 21st century...

If you like your mirrors eerie, these mirrors would do a good job. Fiction, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Glas Italia looks like it's appearing out of nowhere. Korean designer Won J. Heo's version looks set to be a hit with Gothic-heads. But the most terrifying experience can only be had with Olivier Sidet's Ghost Mirror - see everything but yourself.

Most of us have always thought of mirrors to be less-than-interactive. Although I can't think of any good reason why anyone would want to touch a mirror - at least on a regular basis - the Interactive Mirror designed by Alpay Kasal possesses incomprehensible novelty value indeed.

Korean design company DND Casa harnessed the power of Ad Notam mirror image technology to come up with this impressive line of television equipped mirrors. It's kind of weird staring into a screen that pops up on the mirror, but think of all the space saved.

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4 comments: on "RETHINKING THE MIRROR"

berry said...

Fantastic post. Didn't imagine mirrors can be 'designed' in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

The TV mirror is fantastic!

Harmer Designs said...

love the fiction mirror! so unusual...never seen anything like it :D