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Dec 23, 2008


It's pretty clear electronic products like iPod are going to revolutionize home interiors as they did with the computing and music industry, judging from the examples we see below. Much as I hated the idea of mixing furniture with computing or technology, this is getting very real.

Not to be with mistaken for Eero Aarnio's iconic Ball chair, this round striking Sonic Chair is a classic of sorts to those who love to surf online. A 20 inch touch screen attached on what seems like a coffee table connected to the chair allows you to surf to your heart's content without disturbing anybody. And yes, it comes fitted with built-in speakers for that complete multimedia experience.

Even Pottery Barn's getting into the act. The Cushy Speaker Console features modular set-up so you can arrange the lounge to fit in your space. The sleek consoles come outfitted with stereo-quality speakers and subwoofers. One console has audio controls and an iPod-friendly jack beneath a sliding panel; the other features two cup holders and a hidden storage cubby.

I've said so many things about the Concerto Table. Need I say more?

This Multimedia Coffee Table is a digital jukebox integrated into a coffee table, allowing you or your green-eyed guests to browse through the music libraries and select the favorite tracks to fill the room. My, you can even use your portable music players to download the music directly. Woah...


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1 comments: on "HIGH TECH LIVING!"

Tilda B. Hervö said...

Love the blue 'cushionsofa'.... Just great!