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Jan 30, 2009


It makes sense to see design as art, since art is a kind of visual language with theories behind it. Art always juggles with wish-fulfillment - so does design.

The Institut für Auslands-Beziehungen e.V. brings to Singapore shores their touring exhibition ‘Come-in’, which depicts the synthesis between interior design and fine art. By presenting the applied designs in contemporary artforms like sculptures and photography, these fixtures are given a new layer of artistic symbolism. The choice of each interior space also underscores the interaction of contemporary history with the artist’s biography and aesthetics.

'Come-in' assembled 25 well-known German artists, including Stefan Kern, Claus Fottinger and Daniel Roth, as well as local artist Min Chen and photographer Ho Hui May.

These four outwardly-facing chairs share a single spindle, suggesting that people in an office are structurally alienated and turn their backs in opposition to one another.

Created by Claus Foettinger, Hermann's Doner Inne imitates a flashy inner-city trysting place: the bar has a stylish and sharp combination of steel, glass and photographic imagery mounted on the drum of the semi-circular bar. Behind this funky invention, the shelving becomes capricious and disruptive. A giant yellow M alludes to consumerism (you know what the letter stands for, don't you?) while a giant cross reflects Christianity.

The images of doner kebab establishments present a curious contrast. These are your original naive places for value, spread around the globe wherever there are Turks but emphatically non-globalised, because they're about genuine food rather than corporate branding.

This installation is partly inspired by Stanley Kubrick's futuristic movie set for his 1968 masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Chaise Longue 1 by artist Isa Melsheimer is part furniture, part model and part landscape. It speaks of broken romantic longings and ideas about nature.

This string curtain is composed of sliced-up trunks of different species of trees surrounding the creator's home in the woods.

Through the exhibition, it is hoped that visitors will discover the fine line between art and design and see an object as something more than a piece of furniture.

The exhibition is now on till 12th April 2009 at the National Museum of Singapore.


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