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Mar 20, 2009


Proposed design for 3rd storey

Room Rescue debuts!

A young couple wanted to create a 'home within a home' for both of them. It was proposed to convert the top storey of the 3-storey house into a livable space for two while the existing ceiling was removed to reveal an attic area which can be used for resting purposes.

Original bedroom 2 on 3rd storey

Original stairway corridor on 3rd storey

Entrance to original master bedroom on 3rd storey

Original master bedroom on 3rd storey

In the living area (on the 3rd storey), the owners seek an "open and spacious Manhattan-inspired lofty space" which would accommodate their daily functions like studying and entertainment. All original internal walls on this floor will be removed to achieve a sense of space.
Proposed layout

Proposed design for TV area on 3rd storey

Finishes like cultured stone, marble, dark-stained timber and high gloss laminates can be incorporated into the space to achieve a contemporary yet 'visually stimulating' look. A water feature installed below the newly created staircase leading to the attic space can also enhance the visual effect with water and lighting play.

I propose to locate the study + working area to one corner of the space, with a storage cabinet overhanging the floor to act as a partition for privacy (which will not take up any floor space). The cabinet is under lit to provide illumination for reading purposes.

Proposed design for study area on 3rd storey

On the attic level, the parapet wall against which the super king-sized bed lies is finished in a cultured stone material. The area opposite the bed can be utilized as a walk-in closet, seperated by tinted glass doors.

Proposed design for resting area at attic

Proposed design for bathroom at attic

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how this room can be rescued, do send us your feedback! We'll be looking forward to it!


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4 comments: on "ROOM RESCUE"

missymelissa said...

Nice change, but the works seem massive.

Anonymous said...

What 3d modeling app was used? About to redecorate my apartment as well.

Anonymous said...

hmm issit goggle sketch up ? nice renderings

berry said...

Beautiful and elegant.