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Apr 20, 2009


Tezuka Architects planted a simple yet clever rectangular box in the middle of this house located in Japan to catch the skylight. The box also segregates the different parts of the house. Kudos!

This unique house located in Kanagawa, Japan comes without corners. Well, almost...

"Departing from the traditional Swedish interior use of colour and patterns, developed by artists and architects like Carl Larsson and Josef Frank, this apartment also relates directly to the setting at the park HumlegÄrden where the greenery outside changes with the season. From winter grey and black to summertime bright and deep green, to orange, red and yellow in autumn." Doesn't colors make our world wonderful? Link


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1 comments: on "CLIPPING"

dana said...

the patterns and the space looks neeat and gorgeous. the interiors are done in contemporary way. like it clutter free and spacy.