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Apr 28, 2009


If you are thinking of achieving the maximum visual impact within a home without doing too much, color can be your best friend.

Living/ dining areas - before

Living/ dining areas - after
In this 60's inspired studio apartment, primary colors and secondary colors - staple colors of the retro era - work together to evoke memories of those good old times.

Living/ dining areas -before

Living/ dining areas - after
In the living and dining areas, 'clashing' hues of orange, yellow, red and brown turn the once ho-hum interiors into an ultra hip and cozy chill-out pad. A bright orange sofa picks up the tone on the wall at the dining area, which is adorned with Warhol style paintings Due to the limited space available in the bedroom, a corner of this space is sectioned off as a work area. The customized TV system allows the TV to be adjusted and viewed from all corners.

Kitchen - before

Kitchen - after
Inside the kitchen, the original floor and wall tiles were retained - a very fitting choice given that the tiles do look 'dated'. And well, doesn't those juicy lime green doors just makes cooking that much more enjoyable?

In the bedroom, things are kept simple and functional in view of the lack of space. A partition wall was erected to carve out a walk-in closet, with the remainder of the space taken up by the bed. The deep blue color used here injects a sense of tranquility. Not sure if Hello Kitty's happy with the choice of color though, ha.

 Bedroom - before

 Bedroom - after
The bathroom in the bedroom has been given an overhaul. The gaudy red-brown marble tiles made way for a black and white color scheme.

Bathroom - before

Bathroom - after


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12 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

berry said...

Genius, the colours are used very well!

missymelissa said...

Agree, the color play is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thpse round mirror+clock are such a simple yet eye catching. Great job!!!!

KNQ Associates said...

Thanks for the kind words!

emily.t said...

OMG, this is genius work man!
Again i have to say, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! I love all the colors used here expect well, for the blue in the bedroom. Hello Kitty was definitely sulking! =P

jon said...

Nice touches here and there, but wat's up with the shower curtain? It seems a little short and can't keep out the water.

Bhavna said...

Incredible transformation, once again! Love the clock/mirror installation..

Anonymous said...

I luv how u combine the different colors and tat clock feature adds a nice touch!

8sin49 said...

simple and charming : because of..color is at choice


8sin49 said...

simple and charming : because of..color is at choice


Anonymous said...

where did you manage to find that beautiful sink in the bathroom?

Shaira@Real Estate Bellevue said...

Home looks amazing. I just love how you can transform a house into a home with just a little love and style. I am not really artsy thats why I take pleasure in looking at pictures maybe I can try some of your styles at home.