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May 16, 2009


Most house owner never really give much consideration to the clocks used in their homes. Well, we know some of you are going to say it's just a piece of device to tell the time. And the truth is that many are content with a plastic one from their nearest mom and pop store.

We at Home Rejuvenation are constantly on the lookout for interesting clock designs that will set hearts fluttering. I have consolidated numerous pictures in my inspiration folder over these years, but the ones shown below really stand out.

Folks, it's time for a change!

Italian clock manufacturer Diamantini & Domeniconi provides a range of contemporary clocks that not only tell the time precisely but look good on the wall too.

The Orbit clock by Buro Vormkrijgers is one of the most unique clocks I’ve seen in a while. The clock creates a different shape on your wall at different times of the day.

I never expected this - a clock that uses the popular videogame Pong to show the time! A random game of Pong is played, and when it's time to change minutes or hours, one of the two sides will score, thus changing the score and the time. Reading the time has never been this fun. Link

I have a penchant for 'simply-designed' stuff. The new Normal Timepieces collection - which comprises clocks and watches - by Japan-based designer Ross McBride proves that less is more.

Denis Guidone designed this Ora (il)Legale clock with two flat bases, which act as a simple device to adjust the time for daylight saving. The clock’s simple graphic allows the time to move forward or back one hour when tilted.


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1 comments: on "CLOCK IN ON TIME"

janechua said...

What a nice collection of some of the best looking clocks around! Thanks for the info!