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Jun 28, 2009


Creating a tranquil home environment is an ideal way to relieve the stresses of a hectic lifestyle. And one of the simplest methods to achieve this is with a sleek, uncluttered interior. This is also a good way to make a small home appear larger.

Living area - before

Living area - after

Nested within a Balinese-inspired condominium estate, this 2-bedroom apartment was given a style overhaul in a matter of 4 weeks. The all-pervasive neutral color schemes are still in hot demand, but we hope to infuse the color palette of nature into the home to create an interesting look. Green, brown and blue-green tones - colors which immediately conjure up images of trees, sands and skies, contrast sharply against light cream shades to produce a contemporary space that is fit for living for two.

Living/ dining areas - before

Living/ dining areas - after

In a small apartment such as this, it is very important to provide plenty of storage. The best way to keep the interior uncluttered yet functional is to integrate storage into the design in an unobtrusive manner. A dining banquette bench offering storage underneath is integrated with the long TV console and joins up with a shoe cabinet cum half-height partition which allows shoes to be retrieved on the entrance side.

Dining area - before

Dining area - after

Study area - after

Wall decals of soaring birds (which the owner joked they flew out from the tree artwork placed above the sofa) adorn the wall over the dining area. A clear glass dining table and transparent acrylic chairs also ensure the sense of space is not compromised by heavy furniture.

Master bedroom - before

Master bedroom - after

The design of the master bedroom is understated yet cozy. The window bay was extended at one side to place a TV. The rear wall of the bedroom features a wallpaper that portrays an eye-catching 3D effect.

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4 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Anonymous said...

Simple and chic. Job well done.

missymelissa said...


berry said...

Looking pretty! I luv the color scheme in the rooms.

Anonymous said...


I love the yellow bars. Can I check with you what is the material used for the 2 yellow bars in the dinning area?