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Jun 23, 2009


I almost flipped that day when I went to a prospective client's home to see how best to improve their current living spaces. Having experimented with the decor of their place by themselves over the years, the owners finally decided that enough is enough - a professional is deemed necessary.

And so there I was.

I can go on and on about what I didn't like inside the house, but I'd rather keep it short and simple:

- The proportions of each piece of furniture are not in scale with the size of the room as well as with the other pieces of furniture;

- The lighting on the false ceiling is like a drizzling display of Christmas lights - too many oversized down lights positioned with total disregard to the functions of the areas;

- The varying colors and textures are so unbalanced the living area appears light but the dining area is dark and dingy (these two areas, in most Singapore homes, are adjoined);

- Having no knowledge about carpentry detailing, the works they commissioned the previous contractors to carry out were, ahem, a disaster, with various exposed edges and inappropriate choice of surfacing materials;

- There is obviously no consideration for proper storage space as there must have been hundreds of shoes and CDs lying out in the open on the floor. Collecting dust.

Hmmm, I guess I really need to 'save' this family. Fast.


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2 comments: on "'SHOCKING' INTERIORS?"

jon said...

Isn't that the norm in most homes?haha. You cannot leave it to novices definitely.

berry said...

Yours is a tough job.:)