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Jun 18, 2009


New York-based interior designer Vicente Wolf's take on the subject of art framing would enlighten many of you. Consider this:

"A piece of art cheaply framed or with wrong proportions and scale can detract enormously from the piece. I know it can be expensive, but if you’ve already invested in the art, you should finish it properly. It’s like buying a wonderful dress and wearing it with cheap, wrong shoes."

My sentiments...

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5 comments: on "VICENTE WOLF ON FRAMES"

Max T said...

okay Vicente Wolf is like my Design God or sumthin' so whatever he says goes!!!

Max T said...

Thank you so much, by the way, for this post which linked me to Vicente Wolf's blog which in turn brought me to his Facebook page! I'm eternally grateful to this blog!

berry said...

Agree with Max! Vincente Wolf's the man!

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening indeed. The man's a talent.

KNQ Associates said...

We at KNQ Associates love Wolf's works too. He does some really nice works.