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Jul 15, 2009


I was having lunch with an interior designer friend the day before when she told me how offended she was by a prospective client lately. Apparently she was presenting her proposed design to this middle-aged couple and was asked by the wife halfway through the meeting, "You mean the design of this cabinet is that simple? Seems like something I can design myself too". My friend, ever the demure girl she is, was dumbfounded for a moment but nevertheless replied politely that it was not necessary to go for a complicated design in that particular area based on her general concept.

Frankly, I myself have been through this kind of 'grilling' too, and never fail to walk away feeling disappointed at how little respect local designers get from some people. As an example, you would never point at Picasso's Dove Of Peace and say you can easily draw the same thing too. Some people just don't appreciate the thought (and sweat) process that the designer went through prior to being shown the 3D renderings - which, according to them, "can be easily churned out".



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5 comments: on "IT'S 'EASY' TO BE A DESIGNER"

Anonymous said...

Your friend is too kind.. if I were in her shoes, i would have told that "bwatch" to go fly a kite :)

leslietwang said...

I think we encounter the same thing in all creative lines. These clients need to wake up their idea!

berry said...

I know how tough this industry is. I work in the creative line too, and this is one of the saddest things to happen. But our passion usually sees us through.

Door Handles said...

When dealing with the public you have to expect this.

Web design Bucuresti said...

Is not that easy to be a designer.. especially when you have demanding customers