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Jul 29, 2009


A client asked me over dinner this evening what my design style is and - gosh - that really made me think hard on the spot!

In retrospective, I guess that wasn't too tough a question to answer. After these years in the industry, I have a far better sense of the direction I want to take my designs towards - provided clients agree to take the journey with me. While my design approach veers towards the so-called contemporary style (yes, I do love to appear all hip, sleek and chic), I also enjoy mixing traces of other design styles in my work. To me, there aren’t any definitive rules and regulations in design at all.

Simplicity is also key: I always try to reduce and eliminate whatever I feel is excessive in a space to a point when the result will turn out a bore. My theory is this: If there are too many things to look at, you simply do not see any of them. Your mind just reads 'messy'.

And messy is not a nice term to be associated with.

My design methodology usually revolves around a clean, neutral space complemented by the effective use of colors. The color palette can be anything, ranging from black and gray to really bold, bright colors. It's important to me to create the right balance between all of the design elements and have a feel good factor that is evident in not one, but many ways.

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1 comments: on "THAT'S MY DESIGN STYLE, EH?"

Anonymous said...

Simplicity is beautiful.