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Aug 21, 2009


There are many skills I hope to pick up and cooking is one of them. But I never succeeded in learning how to cook because the preparations bore me to death. You see, my brain automatically shifts into neutral gear whenever I think of all the chopping, slicing, marinating and what have you. Basically, I just like the munching part more, ha.

Hey wait. Or maybe not. Perhaps a 'fun' kitchen like the Kitchen Tree designed by Balin Lee (for the recent Electrolux Design Lab Competition) can bring out that culinary talent in me.

Hmmm, I'm hoping it will...


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3 comments: on "KITCHEN TREE BY BALIN LEE"

Anonymous said...

It's hideous.

berry said...

Seriously, it doesn't really look that functional enough for cooking, does it?

nash said...

It really increases the beauty of the kitchen but as far as cooking is concerned.. don't ask.