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Aug 24, 2009


Most people think of Origami simply as the art of paper folding. But the reality is this unique Japanese art can be - and has been - interpreted in various aspects of design. From furniture to interiors to architecture, it seems that there are no categories in which Origami has not been applied. Here then is a look at the many facets of Origami-inspired design.

Swedish designer Cecilia Lundgren saw the advantages to creating furniture in a single piece. The Vika table is formed by a folded rectangle with one cut in each corner.

This Fold lampshade strikes me as something that is just phenomenal. It is the first object in a growing collection by Rachel Young which investigates what Origami techniques can offer, and the challenges it poses when applied to functional objects.

"Inspired by origami forms, the Folded chair combines beauty, ergonomics and functionality, giving a soft leather feeling to the touch. It also brings simplicity into the fold by being created out of a single stainless steel."

And let's not forget about the equally gorgeous Origami chair from Form Us With Love.

Here's an artistic little apartment in Barcelona which pays tribute to the art of Japanese Origami - to some stunning results. While 'twisting and turning' the walls and ceilings in different angles, the designer also decided to expose some parts of the raw concrete ceiling for added visual interest.

What a design challenge! Brilliantly marrying Japan’s traditional art with minimalist architecture, this house designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita of Atelier Takuto truly captures the essence of geometry.


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3 comments: on "ORIGAMI INSPIRED"

jon said...

The house is a marvel!

berry said...

The coffee table gets my vote! Lovely lines..

Anonymous said...

The house by the japanese firm is cool.