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Aug 2, 2009


When I'm stuck for ideas, I like exposing myself to works by other creatives. That's why you'll catch me at some galleries, exhibitions and fairs ever so often.

Art reigns as the most inspiring medium for me, and looking at paintings never fails to awaken my creative thinking process. And it does not have to be a case of connecting to an artist's emotions every time I come face to face with an art piece. Sometimes I seek to refresh my mind - and finding meaning -by admiring the contrasting strokes and colors found in a painting.

A week ago, a talented artist friend of mine, Hann shared with me some of his works (finally!). And I have to say I loved them! The way he plays with colors and their contrast in his 'animamix' works has always fascinated me and makes me ponder how I could possibly interpret something similar in my own work. I especially applaud him for his unique rendition of pop culture icons from movies and video games. Way cool...

Do you like these works? What kind of art inspires you? Drop us a note.


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KEM said...

I like Hann's work! Very interesting!

jeannahooper said...

Although I myself love more abstract art, I find this artist to have a strong individual style. Nice!:)

berry said...

I love the video games art!