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Sep 17, 2009


If there's one color that is always trendy, it's black. Contrary to its 'purer' cousin white, black is the epitome of mystique and is often viewed in a negative light. Nevertheless, I personally find black to be a very empowering color. Its timeless and stylish quality makes it one of the popular color choices in design today.
Looking non too serious, the blackish Mushroom floor lamp successfully marries sustainable design with LED lighting technology. The lights can be used independently or in small clusters, and can be positioned in corners and against walls to intensify their light output. If you ask me, any other color will look wrong on this lamp - a black mushroom just look so much more attractive, doesn't it?

The three-dimensional Pools & Pouf! comprises several different sized leather elements positioned on the floor and fixed to the wall. Resembling pools of tar, the forms seem to have sporadically reproduced on the gallery plane. The enigmatic pieces upholstered in black leather allude to the conventional Chesterfield sofa yet through its deconstruction directly question the tradition of furniture.
Black horse, black pig, black bunny... don't you just develop a love-hate feeling towards this furniture and lamp collection Animal Thing from Front?

When it comes to deluxe hotel accommodations that feature state of the art architecture, interior design, and modern furniture and lighting, there is one place that harmoniously combines these elements in one breath taking place. The Silken Hotel Puerta America in Madrid completed in 2005 called on the talents of well known designers like Foster and Partners, Zaha Hadid, Chipperfield, Jean Nouvel, Arata Isozaki, Ron Arad, and John Pawson to uniquely create each floor and room, giving free rein to their creativity in the development. Special mention goes to Hadid's beautifully crafted all-black suite with her signature curves to swoon over.

Dynamism and abstraction define the Vertigo coffee table by Laura Aquili and Ergian Alberg. Oh, did I forget to mention black too?

Designed by Japan-based designer Gwenael Nicolas, this ultra slick TV storage wall in a black glossy finish proves that style doesn't need to come complicated.

Located in Stuttgart Germany the T-O 12 boosts a sleekly mysterious, pitch-dark space with white furnishings and massive black-and-white murals. The all-black walls, ceilings and floors, together with these over-sized mirrors and tiny light spots, produce a vertigo–inducing yet fun effect.

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3 comments: on "DREAMING NEON BLACK"

bettyhh said...

I love black too.Zaha Hadid's design don't fascinate me a lot, but I got to say I love the pitch black suite.Nice post.

Anonymous said...

loving it,

ive reposted it on my blog The Chesterfield Sofa Site and left you a credit... good find!

berry said...

Black is also my fave colors. It looks good on anything.