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Nov 25, 2009


A prospective client I visited yesterday commented, "I don't want any deep colors in my house. I only want white so that it will make the place look larger."

I'm sorry for doing that, but I almost rolled my eyes. I didn't even know where or how that misconception originated. It's definitely not true that white - and only white - can do wonders in a small room.

One of the best ways to expand a space is to strike a contrast between different areas or objects inside the room. Bring splashes of color to a recessed wall, the inside of a bookshelf or a door frame to create 'depth' in a space. For the more adventurous, paint a corridor in a dark color, so that it makes an adjoining area which is painted in a subtle tone looks more spacious.

I have always liked the idea of painting one wall a different - or deeper - color. IThis technique always works very well in a constrained space. Contrary to common belief, the darker color on one wall can make it recede, making the room look much bigger. Yes, go ahead and try black...


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3 comments: on "WHITE IS GOOD?"

janicejk said...


Edhan said...

People staying in hdb flats in the 70s to 80s had their homes painted in total white and they look small anyway. hahaha.

So i agree with what you said.

jon said...

That's why u r a professional and that person is not, hahaha.