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Dec 2, 2009


It's too easy to associate interior design with frivolous material indulgences - you know exactly what I mean. However, the main function of interior design remains simple, which is to enhance the quality of spaces for the purpose of improving the quality of life.

In one episode of the new local reality/ community TV programme RenovAID, we were invited to help Suryani, 15, and her family rejuvenate their Circuit Road home - and hopefully also rebuild their lives.

Anyone stepping into the 30 years old flat for the first time would be hard pressed not to feel the bleakness within. It may be harsh of me to say that, but the interior can only be described as dilapidated. Pipes are rusty and grease (from cooking) covered the worn-out vinyl flooring and windows. The dust behind the wardrobes is over an inch thick and rubbish piled up practically everywhere. There is hardly any storage management in place.
Living/ dining areas - before
Living/ dining areas - after
With so much stuff packed inside, the family of six has hardly any space left for themselves. Two members of the family sleep in the living room during the night due to a lack of bedrooms while Suryani, who is in secondary school, has been living without a proper study corner all these years. In short, this is one home where a rescue is long overdue.

Working on a very limited budget (and even lesser time), we sprang into action. It only took the workers a day or two to tear down everything but from then on, it's a race against the clock as our team worked nonstop for the next few days to transform all the rubble into a real home.
New layout
Constrained by the original layout, I tore down the wall standing between the access corridor and the living room to provide more room for the family to gather. Lively colors were worked into the design to bring a positive vibe into the house.
Access corridor - before
 Bedroom 1 - before
Bedroom 1 - after
Another wall that used to separate a bedroom and the access corridor was also removed. In place came a wall-to-wall wardrobe which also serves to segregate the original bedroom into 2 smaller rooms.
Bedroom 2 - before

Bedroom 2 - after
In another bedroom, a wardrobe partitions the sleeping area (for Suryani and her grandma Madam Noormah) from the newly-created study area. This ensures the girl would be able to study late into the night behind, all in her own privacy.
Kitchen - before

Kitchen - after
The old kitchen used to be a hotbed for potential hazards, with misplaced electrical sockets under an overhanging clothes hanger and a bulky sink counter which obstructs movement in and out of the bathroom (causing Madam Noormah to trip on several occasions). I aim to build a functional kitchen that shows off various clean, off-white tones whilst integrating plenty of closed storage. Freeing up the space below the window of bulky cabinetry ensures the family would have a proper laundry area at the back.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from companies like ICI Dulux, EDL Laminate as well as a host of furniture retailers, suppliers and workers who chipped in in whatever ways they can, the renovations were completed in two crazy weeks - the family kept sequestered during that period. The show climaxed when the TV crew allowed Suryani and her family to return to a home that is, I sincerely hope, better than the one they left.

The 8-parter RenovAID begins airing from this Thursday (3rd Dec) on Mediacorp Channel 5 at 10pm.


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berry said...

What dramatic changes!

bentan said...

World of difference, great job!

Edhan said...

Wow man.. just wow. Maybe i should destroy my house to get free reno like this. hahahaha. j/k
Can't wait to see the condition of this rejuvenated place a month or two later.

Anonymous said...

Looks clinical, but it's still a marked improvement from the original house.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm glad Suraya and her family had this chance - and hope they cherish this going forward.

jon said...

Just saw you on TV! U r remarkable! Interior design to improve lives!

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous! Where is the storage space and where did all the family's possession go? Looks pleasing with nothing in it, but certainly not functional. Although granted it is an improvement to before, it looks like the ID person designed it to showcase himself rather than make it useful for the family

berry said...

Did u even watched the clip? What possessions? This family hoards rubbish! I'm glad to see this family has fewer corners to keep junks from now onp.

Hope said...

Great job KNQ!! :D

Haha I have now bookmarked your page while still on my search for my very first house!

Anonymous said...

People already provided their expertise and reno works free of charge. I would expect this mr or ms anon be a little more kind!

mathilda said...

Just bought a unit with similiar conditions. Now found KNQ, am going to contact you soon. Take away my headache to scout for renovating my dream home. Well done KNQ.

Max T. said...

Look Anon, let's not forget that they had a very limited time and budget to adhere someone in the trade myself, I can definitely say that they probably wasn't in it for a profit and Stanley (bless his heart) is already doing well without the extra exposure....

I guess what I'm trying to say is, when someone gives generously, the least we can do is be gracious about it.

The design isn't my cup of tea but what's important is the occupants liked it...

sgrade said...

Excellent production. U and Michelle make very good hosts. I was swooning over the home and the both of u, hahaha:P

KNQ Associates said...

Gracias, Max!

Anonymous said...

i want to do my house also :)
cant rely on my hubby....took so long.....only talk but no action.
i am counting on u, stan. hahhahhahh

matthew said...

Very useful post, thanks a lot.

Eddie Starr said...

WoW, they must have had to convince the family to throw a LOT of stuff away. I wonder how this is going to look in a year from now, maybe Michelle can take a look back again. I really like the design(s) although does that style fit with the needs and lifestyle of the family? I hope the family does well, my best wishes!

KNQ Associates said...

Once again, thanks for all the comments, whether good or not so good!

bigfatfish said...

Hi , how can i contact Renov Aid or maybe i can leave my contact here.

i found an owner by chance because i wanted to buy somethign from him. No one would ever have seen such a house like dat in Singapore. from floor to ceiling. or sorry there is no floor cuz the whole place looks like a dump in philippines.I hope someone can help him. he sleeps on the junk, with his wife. a one room one hall place. you won't even have guess that such a room exists. it's bad.

if this place catches fire, they would be gone. no chance of escape. I knew i would be able to enter the house, never did i know i had a hard time trying to climb out of the house.

when u walk on the junk your head touches the ceiling. maybe only 2 1/2 feet to walk. the kitchen has a small path way to the wash area filled with things. it's really junk everywehre.

so imagine a whole bedroom covered with thigns, and no access to it.

my email is

i hope this mail can bring the attention of people.

Anonymous said...

i felt so dissapointed wif this family after the renovaid team changed the way their living condition. They dun have the appreaciation of grateful, jus look at yesterday programe after 2 mths Michele came for a surprised visit. Clutter everywhere and surprisingly when she question they jus givin excuses wif a kind of attitude reactions. As a malay community myself i felt embarrased by the way they live. This wht i call HOARDES they like livin wif clutter and no sense of cleanines in them. They are more famuly like them in singapore but suriani and her family are luky to be chosen to transform their house.
My message this family changed the kind of attitude and have some sense of appreciation towards others who show care and concern.

Anonymous said...

i watched yesterday episode after 2 mths renovaide transform their house. I felt embarrased wif theit kind of attitude wif no sense of grateful and cleanines in this family. When Michele ask why there are still clutter around their response is unexcuseable. As a malay community myself this family should have some sense of responsibility and appreciation given to them of wht renovaide have done. There are more family even are worse wif their kind of living conditions but SURIANI AND HER FAMILY re lucky to be chosen.
How they feel seeing yesterday episode??? I called them HOARDERS and like livin wir clutter.
My messaged to them Have some sense of responsibilities. Be grateful of wht others have given and show some appreaciation.

Anonymous said...

I watched too. They are so undeserving of this nice home the team created for them!

mamahe said...

Super good job done, and good heart!

Johnathan Oh said...

You can moved the clutter out of the house but you will never be able to move the clutter out of their head.

Anonymous said...

Just moved into 3 room flat. No renovation done. We have no beds for both rooms.The store room is just hideous.Only 1 part of the kitchen is with cabinets. That also ha deteriorated. The tiles are all old fashioned. We cannot afford it as my husband the only breadwinner. I could get a job for quite a long time...Need you help!!!

Anonymous said...

The after pix is amazing. The designer has considered the need for more rooms to accommodate the big family.

However, the family must make a conscious effort to change the habits (i.e. hoarding).

I have a similar neighbour who hoardes from floor to ceiling, leaving a narrow lane from the main door to the kitchen.

If you ask me, this may be some kind of "mental" illness.

Anonymous said...

Dramatically change....youndesigned a warm home :)

Linda Goh said...

is there any way to contact renovaid? i would like to recommend a family for the same help.

Linda Goh said...

is there any way to contact renovaid? i would like to recommend a family who needs such help. thank you.