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Jan 31, 2010


If you haven't joined Home Rejuvenation on Facebook yet, then I suggest you consider joining us and checking out our latest discoveries. Here's a roundup of the past week.

From Freshome, we discovered that magazines do make very good - and pretty - partitions.

Minimalism is not for everyone. Does this home leave you feeling cold?

Re-nest finds this cabinet made of reclaimed floorboards "perfect for displaying your favorite objet d'art, and hiding your mess."

So I gather those leftover wallpapers in my office can come in useful somewhere else...

Japan's EASTERN Design Office designed this unusual Villa Saitan apartment building in Kyoto, Japan.

Design maestro Ron Arad has come up with a a bookshelf which is shaped like the map of the United States.

The interiors of Green T. House in Beijing are beautifully crafted.

Those stacked firewood walls lend this office space a unique lodge-like appeal.

Designers Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot of Faltazi have designed a conceptual system where water is recycled and waste is broken down by worms inside the kitchen.

These chairs made with hair freaked me out. Period.


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