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Feb 25, 2010


Inga Sempé has been leaving a deep impression upon us with her innovative lamps for quite some time. We are particularly in love with the Double Stray and Plissé lamps.

We're not quite sure about its actual function, but the Lazy chair successfully marries toys and furniture to an amusing result. Every now and then the chair amazingly stands up before collapsing again some moments later. Seems like it's not that lazy afterall.

In order to reinterpret the classic chandelier, designer Patrick Fredrickson decided to 'explode' his Pandora chandelier, where the form of the chandelier is constantly destroyed and recreated through movement generated by computer-controlled servo motors. The 1,990 Swarovski crystals are initially suspended in the form of a recognizable chandelier, before slowly erupting into controlled chaos.

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