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Feb 16, 2010


You walk into your friend's new home and was immediately blown away by the Swan chair sitting handsomely by the window. But wait! Something's not right about it, you think, but you just can't pinpoint what...

Yes, your hunch could be right afterall.

With an influx of cheap imitations of designer furniture into the market over the past decade or so, it's too easy for consumers who did not do their homework properly to be misled into thinking the pieces they got are the real McCoys.

Frederik Moller, vice president at Fritz Hansen tells us how to distinguish between the authentic and the fakes by noting the following points:

- There are usually specific procedures and methods in the production of designer furniture. Because of these limitations, the finished product only comes in a certain size and material. Shoppers should always research on past product releases to ascertain these colors and materials to avoid being cheated.

- Details are difficult to imitate. The edges of an authentic designer chair are commonly worked on manually, so they should be smooth to the touch. Pay special attention also to the joint between the chair body and the legs or base, which is often located underneath. Manufacturers of imitated furniture aren't usually attentive to minor details and hence a comparison between an authentic chair and a fake one will reveal these joints to be less secure and more prone to cracks.

Now here's the embarassing bit - Moller once discovered many imitated Egg chairs in a restaurant at the Singapore Changi airport during one of his business trips here. Two short months later on another trip, he noticed how the fabrics used for those chairs discolored and the seats deformed from heavy usage. The moral of the story is that
a genuine designer chair, other than offering a timeless aesthetic appeal, can withstand wear and tear much better.


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Anonymous said...

Nowadays it's hard to tell the difference. They have done such a 'good' job with it.