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Mar 24, 2010


Technology has influenced tile design in a big way. Yes, we now have tiles that change colors in accordance to temperature variations! This results in a palette of beautiful colors spread over the tiled wall, making for a really unusual sight in the shower!

Don't put those pennies away in your piggy-bank. I bet you didn't know they make for one great looking floor... Link

Photos were composed digitally to create a montage of Beijing's cityscapes on the wall tiles in these bathrooms designed by Dr David Tang. Link


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3 comments: on "WOW! TILES"

Anonymous said...

Nice montage of Beijing. I can see many possibilities.

Frank Schulte-Ladbeck said...

They are nice, and I am thinking of redoing my kitchen. Now to convince the wife. Yes, there are many possibilities with these tiles.

Mosaic said...

Wow this is great, very elegant, well done.