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Apr 30, 2010


Plants are, in my opinion, the most understated element in interior decor. You never really notice those greens leaves in a sea of luxurious fabrics and exotic wood grains in a home.

The fact is, plants are fantastic for providing color, life and texture to any room in the house. And as the design world evolves, we are no longer content to just keep our plants in pots or vases. Yes, plants grow anywhere and everywhere inside the house nowadays, as the following brilliant examples show!

Coffee table seems to be the premier choice when it comes to alternative planters. Take a look at the awesome Volt Pot or Stitch Table. Part coffee table and part planter, these tables successfully transfer the exterior environment indoors. We particularly love how plants can become a part of the furniture, enhancing its aesthetic appeal along the way.

Nobody ever said that plants can only be planted one way up. Patrick Morris is not satisfied with having plants relegated to the remote corners of a room and decided to elevate them into stunning interior decoration. His Sky planter is designed to bring more greenery into your home without cluttering floor-space and offering a visual relief when you look up, not down. The soil is locked into the pot and some kind of gravity-defying water reservoir keeps moisture at the plant’s roots.

With its delicate profile and subtle detailing, we're pretty sure it'll turn heads. Literally.

Designed to be hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor or on a table, GrassOn proves that synthetic grass is as versatile when it comes to making lamp shades. The illumination can be adjusted by trimming the grass to allow more light to shine through.

We caught this nifty idea of 'plant as artwork' at Hort Park a few months back. We are convinced this unconventional planting approach of framing plants within a picture frame will work beautifully in any interiors.

The Grass Ottoman makes green living within reach. It's constructed of a fade-resistant plastic set on a lightweight form that is solid yet light weight.

If making your grass furniture out of scratch is too much effort (and mess) for you, then the Bushy bench by 5.5 Designers collective is a good option.

The vertical greenery installment Oulu Bar & EcoLounge in Williamsburg, Brooklyn makes a very loud and assertive environmental statement to all passersby.

Do you have other interesting examples to share? Post it right here, people!


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xBakeka said...

I really like the Sky planter