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Apr 25, 2010


Thinking about rejuvenating your home’s kitchen? Perhaps it's more apt to say you're looking for ideas to modernize your cooking space. Kitchen nowadays have to meet various requirements, providing not only an area for the preparation of food but also for the family to congregate or work.

After the heaviness of the 70s, the over-the-top 80s and 90s, the sleek elegance of a kitchen boosting clean lines and sharp colors just feels so fresh and invigorating. It doesn't mean a modern kitchen has to be clinical-looking or lifeless, but the mantra 'less is more' definitely holds true. Think simplicity in details and restrained material choices. Like it or not, that's what a modern kitchen is all about.

No longer are we content with stark white tiles on the walls too. The trend is veering towards prints and patterns. The right graphic can really enhance a blank wall in the kitchen, adding depth and dimension to the space. The trick is getting the scale right and making sure the choice of materials (be it wallpaper or tiles) is appropriate.

Technology no doubt improves our lives. Who wouldn’t love a new home with all of the latest technologies? Unfortunately, for most of us buying a new home right now isn’t a real possibility. So why not do the next best thing - revamp the most used room in the house - the kitchen?

Choosing the right appliances can go a long way towards creating a modern kitchen design. Manufacturers are rolling out faster, smarter appliances to improve efficiency in the kitchen - you just need to have the cash to burn.


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Anonymous said...

What is that wallpaper (birds) in that kitchenpicture?