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Apr 6, 2010


Hop over to our Facebook page and join our group for more updates on the latest interiors trends and fashion now. Here are the most interesting stories over the past 3 weeks.

There's something about these inscriptions on the glass shower screen that has me hooked. The wordings, while offering some visual interest in a bathroom, create a half-opaque effect for some privacy. Well, that's if you even need that in a shower behind closed doors...

Legos are not just toys for your little ones. They make for some impressive finishing for a table top.

And no, that's not all! Legos can be used for building houses too.

Portuguese architect Manuel Maia Gomesa designed this wickedly enchanting spiral staircase lined with bookcases on the side.

We take a walk around rapper and producer Kanye West's Los Angeles house.

You will be forgiven for mistaking the rehearsal cabin of Dutch musical entertainer Hans Liberg as a stack of logs. Inside lies a fully functional workspace boosting panoramic windows which offer stunning views of the forest. Talk about inspiration from nature.

The owners of this house wanted "a home with a strong personality that would capture the unusual character of Salvador Dali along with their passion for Art Noveau and also their love for nautical life."

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