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Apr 4, 2010


Is there music to suit a creation process?

I love music, probably more so than interior design, ha. I can't imagine a world without it. And more importantly, I can't imagine creating my designs without it. To me, it's an essential part of the entire design process and sets the right tone for inspiration for a particular project.

I usually listen to rock music, but sometimes I choose some other genres - whatever suits the mood of what I’m working on. When I'm feeling a little less inspired, I love popping a Pink Floyd CD (they are just so good at creating ambient music). Should I need something with a little more bite, I’ll listen to metal bands like Nightwish. If I'm trying to create something elegant, I play some jazz music. And you bet music from Bach would do the job for me when I'm designing a home with a luxurious, classical touch.

And guess what? Pat Metheny's playing in the background now. Ahem, back to work...


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