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Apr 22, 2010


A reader wrote in with a floor plan yesterday, asking what she can do to create a sense of privacy at the entry to her terrace house, as she doesn't want herself, her family or her guests to walk right into the living area upon entry. However, the tricky part is that she's not too keen on planting a partition wall or screen at the doorway as that would take up precious space. Moreover, a partition is just that - a partition without any other usage other than segregating spaces and keeping out prying eyes. She's looking into something that would be multi-functional.

To resolve this, we proposed a 'floating' TV cum storage unit that would stretch from an adjacent wall to a column that is situated somewhat in the middle of the entrance and living areas. The idea is to block out the view from the foyer area and redirect one's passage to the living area, while offering storage capability (for shoes on one side and appliances on the other) at the same time. The idea of a cantilevered structure will also keep the floor clear, which is something she did not want.

Do you have a design question of your own? Let us know and we'll see how we can help!

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