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May 28, 2010


The homeowners' love for The Renaissance cultural movement formed the starting point for the design of this high-rise apartment.

This European note begins at the entrance, where we wanted to create a sense of adventure and anticipation. An angelic sculpture greets the guests from atop a museum-style stand which has been integrated into the design of a shoe cabinet and partition. Imagery of ancient columns and architecture on a glass screen draws one into the spaces immediately.

Living area - before

Living area - after

The living room was designed to be a formal reception room, boosting a somewhat neutral color palette – gold, beige, black and white. Stones – a classical material – feature on the floor and furniture, working in tandem with ornate wall beading and frames to create a sense of drama.

The dining corner is dominated by window pockets which feature stained glass-like figuratives, a la windows found in cathedrals.

A long corridor which leads to the bedrooms is decorated with stone tiles and provides a gallery-like space to display the owners' small collection of prints (and a TV that provides viewing pleasure from the attached common bathroom!)

Music cum guest room - before

Music cum guest room - after

It was decided early on in the design process that each room should have a distinct personality of its own. The music cum guest room retained a traditional look to provide a visual connection to the living room, but with a warmer, bolder color palette of gold, white, black, red and purple. Concealed storage reduces clutter and provides a tidy environment to create music in.

Walk-in closet - before

Walk-in closet - after

A spare bedroom was connected to the master bedroom by sealing off the original entrance from the corridor and a new doorway created within the master bedroom. Inside, a black color scheme reigns, allowing the gold accents as well as the owners' prized possession of umbrellas to stand out and shine when the lights are turned on.

Master bedroom - before
There is a degree of monumentality in the master bedroom, which fits the theme perfectly. Continuing the design direction in other parts of the house, the room is adorned with gold trimmings and exquisite fabrics.


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8 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Anonymous said...

The design for each room is astonishing. The images are amazing!

berry said...

I've always known you guys to create modern look, I din know you can create European design too. Job well done!

berry said...

I've always known you guys to create modern look, I din know you can create European design too. Job well done!

KNQ Associates said...

Thanks, people!

twinkletoes3000 said...

The renaissance/Italian feel of the home is great! I went with the same theme for my place. I got a granite countertop for my master bathroom at Lowes from a place called Jackson Stoneworks. It only took about a week to get it, and came with all the splashes and the sink. Really good value.

A lot of the stones that Jackson Stoneworks had were Italian Stones and strongly reflected marble/natural aesthetic that is so pleasant.

Z&S said...

Very nice indeed. We are so impressed how every detail is also well taken care of in this case.

Mosaic said...

I love that gold color, very lovely.